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  • Touch screen terminal
  • Integrated customer display
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Cash drawer (slide or flip)
  • Omni-directional barcode scanner
  • On-site install training
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Facial recognition allows staff members and customers to be identified bythe EPOS system from their face!

Your EPOS system records audio and video footage of the sales area. Age refusals are recorded and archived for Trading Standards.

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Weather v sales reporting. Your EPOS system records prevailing weather conditions against all sales for each day.

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With a solid installation base of fashion outlets and boutiques, our EPOS solutions are a popular choice for the fashion retailer...

With the key ability to handle size curves and product variations, and to print clothing tags and labels directly from the EPOS, our EPOS systems are ideally suited to the fashion market.

Of course in the fashion market, image is everything and an elegant looking EPOS system is a necessity on the store counter. Our EPOS hardware is not just chosen for its robustness and reliability, but also for its aesthetically pleasing casing which sits well against any interior design or decor.

Integrated credit and debit card handling provides a professional and consistent experience for the customer and gives the right image about your store.

From single site independent retail shops to large estates of 30+ stores, we have deployed scalable EPOS solutions across the length and breadth of the UK. Centralised reporting and database management ensure that real-time stock and sales information is available to local, central and remote/roaming employees.

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A comprehensive report set allows detailed analysis ...

CCTV overlay functionality helps to reduce, deter and detect staff theft; EPOS transaction data is overlayed onto the recorded
image of the counter area and full text search capabilities allow retrospective viewing of times around voids, refunds or particular item sales.

Coupled with predictive stock ordering, the EPOS is fully capable of just-in-time (JIT) stock management,
reducing your stock holding and avoiding stock loss due to out-of-date and spoilt items.

Integrated credit and debit card processing significantly reduces the time spent in processing a credit/debit card transaction through the EPOS, from an average authorisation time of 30 seconds through a separate bank rented, dial-up terminal, to only 3-4 seconds, utilising the speed of the store’s broadband Internet connection

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