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  • Touch screen terminal
  • Integrated customer display
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Cash drawer (slide or flip)
  • Omni-directional barcode scanner
  • On-site install training
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Easy Stock Processing

Simply select the donor (or add them on if they have not donated before – the EPOS system supports postcode lookup) and print the required number of “donor” labels, affixing one to each donated item. These are simply scanned when an item is sold to identify the donor and “link” the sale to them.

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Quick Sales

Processing a gift aid qualifying product sale through the charity EPOS system is kept deliberately simple. Simply scan the donor barcode, select the department (from clear on-screen buttons) and enter the price. Non-gift aid sales are processed in exactly the same way through the charity EPOS system, but without the need to scan a donor barcode.

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Statutory Notification

Our charity EPOS system handles the statutory notifications that must be sent to donors informing them of their donated sales, through automatic emailing of donors. Our charity EPOS system supports all three retail gift aid schemes. A gift aid schedule can pulled from the charity EPOS system at any time in a format suitable for direct upload to HMRC.

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Simple scan-to-sell, 3 step process 100%
Print barcodes which link donors to products 100%
Issues legally required (email) notifications to donors 100%
Track sales and produce reports 100%
Print detailed Gift Aid reports showing breakdown & summaries 100%
Encourages retail "best practices" 100%
Eliminates keying errors 100%
Provides central management of retail operations for chains of shops 100%
Produces Gift Aid schedule for upload to HMRC 100%

Turnkey EPOS systems solutions for charity shops

For a typical charity shop, gift aid is a complex or impossible task to handle - donated items are sold without the valuable gift aid being claimed. With a ProEPOS charity EPOS system, claiming gift aid on sales is a very simple, cost effective process and produces an overnight increase in revenues!

Is your store currently making the most

of Gift Aid?

Few EPOS systems can deal with the unique retail environment of a charity shop. Our ProEPOS charity EPOS system however is uniquely positioned; our bespoke Charity Shop module provides complete gift aid management, tracking and automation of the entire process of stock flow from donations being brought in, to attributing individual sales to donors, issuing statutory sale notifications via email and producing detailed gift aid reports.

The magic lies behind the barcoding – clearly printed barcode labels and tags allow the system to identify a donor of a product whilst still allowing manual price entry and department selection. It’s easier to use than a till in many respects and much less prone to human error. Dates on the barcode labels also help with stock rotation – if an item has been on the shelf for too long without selling, it can be spotted in an instant and quickly and easily reduced in price.

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Increase revenue by claiming Gift Aid on donated items

With our charity EPOS systems you can claim gift aid on the sale of donated items – which means an overnight
increase in your proceeds!


A ProEPOS EPOS system from Image Retail Solutions will ordinarily pay for itself in the first few months
gift aid contributions alone!.

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