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  • Touch screen terminal
  • Integrated customer display
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Cash drawer (slide or flip)
  • Omni-directional barcode scanner
  • On-site install training
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Webcam recording and monitoring of

the EPOS sales area.Your EPOS system records audio and video footage of the sales area. Age refusals are recorded and archived for Trading Standards.

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Facial recognition allows

staff members and customers to be identified bythe EPOS system from their face!

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Weather v sales reporting

Your EPOS system records prevailing weather conditions against all sales for each day.Turns your EPOS system into a powerful tool for predicitive ordering dependent on weather.

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ANMW newspaper and magazine updates.

For newsagents, the EPOS system receives retail price changes, new publications and barcode changes from our dedicated server, direct from the Association of Newspaper and Magazine Wholesalers.

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Wholesaler links with all the major

symbols allows your EPOS system to download updates and place orders via the Internet.An invaluable tool, essential for the symbol store retailer. Never purchase an EPOS system without a link if you are a symbol store retailer.

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Convenience and CTN stores make up the core of our EPOS estate

Many of our clients run busy convenience stores and newsagents. For them speed of use is paramount as is the ability to process accurate transactions with the minimum of fuss. Using high quality, high scan speed omni-directional scanners, combined with a non-cluttered, easy to read EPOS terminal, service time is kept to an absolute minimum.
All our terminals utilise cutting-edge touch technology for the most responsive EPOS user experience.

Over the years we have tailored our EPOS software for the convenience and CTN user – age prompts ensure that staff exercise due diligence in checking I.D. for age restricted sales. An electronic refusal log is the business owner’s proof of his or her own due diligence and can be printed on demand.

Wholesaler / symbol group integration provides a streamlined business process from the point of purchase order to the receipt of the delivered stock. Our EPOS systems integrate with all the leading wholesalers to provide daily product file updates, downloading of delivery notes, customer promotional offers (Nisa and Booker customers) and uploading of orders.

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High Speed Transactions

CCTV overlay functionality helps to reduce, deter and detect staff theft; EPOS transaction data is overlayed onto the recorded
image of the counter area and full text search capabilities allow retrospective viewing of times around voids, refunds or particular item sales.

Coupled with predictive stock ordering, the EPOS is fully capable of just-in-time (JIT) stock management,
reducing your stock holding and avoiding stock loss due to out-of-date and spoilt items.

Integrated credit and debit card processing significantly reduces the time spent in processing a credit/debit card transaction through the EPOS, from an average authorisation time of 30 seconds through a separate bank rented, dial-up terminal, to only 3-4 seconds, utilising the speed of the store’s broadband Internet connection

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