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app2table provides order-at-table & pay-at-table functionality for both staff & customers.

A powerful solution for hospitality.
Clover Flex PED running app2table

Streamlining front-of-house

For customer use, app2table allows patrons to place table orders on their own smartphones by scanning the venue's QR code. The app is available from both the Apple and Android app stores for customers to download.

For staff use, the app will run on supported payment devices to provide a compact order capture and pay-at-table solution for staff, all in one device.

app2table can be used as a standalone solution or will fully integrate with our POS Core system to provide a complete solution for cafes, bars, restaurants, bistros and pubs.

POS terminal screen

For staff

When run on the venue's payment device, app2table provides a complete table order capture, bill printing* and payment tendering solution used with or without our EPOS.

• Setup menus through the app, web portal, or EPOS (if integrated)
• Supports product options (with price adjustments)
• Add notes to order entries (eg. “no sauce”)
• Send orders to kitchen/bar printers
• Print table bills*
• Take payments (supports split billing)

Larger venues can use multiple devices or tablets in tandem.

For customers

Patrons can download app2table onto their own smartphones, scan the venue's QR code and place orders (with or without payment, depending on your preference).

Depending on the venue, app2table supports:

• Table orders
• Delivery orders
• Click & collect

Simply configure the account to offer the services you provide.

Both the consumer facing app and the staff facing app work in synergy, with all the venue's orders and payments combined for reporting purposes.

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app2table running on a customer's iPhone
POS terminal screen

EPOS integration

Whilst it can run as a standalone platform, app2table tightly integrates with our POS Core EPOS solution to combine order capture and payments across consumer, staff and POS devices under a single footprint.

Orders are downloaded into the EPOS system and any menu changes made on the EPOS are pushed to the platform and take effect immediately across all devices.

POS Core is ideally suited to hospitality and provides advanced functionality in addition to app2table integration, including ingredient level stock management, wholesaler integration and allergen management.

Menu setup

Setup or change your menu from the EPOS (in the case of an integrated solution), or any of the venue’s devices or the web portal (in the case of a standalone solution).

For easy navigation, products are grouped into categories and subcategories and can have images and descriptive text (such as allergen information). Products can have up to 10 groupable, free or chargeable “options” such as steak doneness, product size or flavour.

Product visibility can be limited to certain hours of the day eg. for breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

Order capture

Simple order capture at the table - navigate the menus and select the desired products.

For products with free/chargeable options, select the options before adding to the order.

Notes can be added against any entry on the order and it is also possible to adjust the price to reflect any special requests (staff mode only).

Enter the table number and then select whether to pay now or pay later (depending on setup).

Orders are sent to the kitchen and/or bar printers (if applicable) and the order is immediately available to view on any of the devices/tablets at the venue.

Taking payment

With the consumer facing app, take payment at the point of order, or allow payment at the end of the meal (in the case of a table order). The consumer app integrates with Stripe and Paypal for in app payments.

When running on a staff payment terminal, take payment at the point of order or at the end of the meal using the device itself. The staff app supports split billing in this scenario.


Web portal

When integrated with POS Core, menu changes are easily made on the EPOS system and then uploaded to the app (effective immediately).

When used as a standalone solution, menu changes can either be made within the app (on any device) or using the web portal, accessible from any suitable web browser.

Complete Scalability

Adding additional payment devices, tablets and smartphones to a venue is a simple process.

Menu changes take effect immediately and across all devices.

Orders are visible from all staff devices and tables can be settled from any payment device at the venue running app2table.

Scaling your business
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Our POS Core Systems

Our cutting edge POS Core system provides a powerful, reliable and scalable cloud based EPOS solution for both retail and hospitality businesses.



Manage stock and allergens, and calculate margins at the ingredient level.



Predictive ordering at the ingredient level takes into account sales trends, holiday periods and more.



A suite of powerful reporting tools to understand your business in more detail.