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Hospitality EPOS systems

We understand hospitality

With a streamlined, innovative hospitality interface for bars, cafes and restaurants, support for tabs and table planning, our solutions stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

Sunmi EPOS terminal running POS Core

Our cutting edge POS Core solution provides stock control at the ingredient level, allergen management, table order capture and portable payment solutions.

As with all our systems, we only sell our own software, developed entirely in-house, here in the UK. We prefer to keep our userbase small to provide an intimate level of support via our remote help desk, on-site trainers and UK wide engineers.

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Key Features

Our hospitality EPOS systems offer a number of key advantages over the competition.

Table order capture and payment solutions through our app2table mobile app.

Flexible loyalty schemes.

Modern cloud infrastructure.

An unbiased selection of integrated credit and debit card processing options at highly competitive rates.

Full installation, on-site training and maintenance through our UK wide engineering team.

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Dine-in, quick service & takeaway

Our EPOS systems support table service, quick service, takeaway, delivery and click & collect, covering all areas of the hospitality sector.

Staff can take orders in person, either at the counter or at the table, or customers can place orders themselves through their own smartphones.

In whichever ways you serve your guests, our systems offer the technology and processes to deliver the highest level of customer service.

POS Core main menu screen of buttons laid out for a restaurant
POS Core running on a tablet in a charging stand

Multiple form factors

Our POS Core software enjoys the flexibility of Android and a broad range of devices offered in different sizes, form factors and portability.

WiFi tablets, mini terminals and full sized POS terminals are all viable options and can be chosen to suit the size and style of the environment and the manner of use.

A mixture of different devices can be used in the same venue, all working in sync to deliver the highest level of service to patrons.

Customisable POS screen

Our EPOS systems offer a fully configurable POS interface with infinite depth button menus. Assigning buttons to functions, products or submenus is simple.

As well as setting up your initial menus for you, our support team are more than happy to make menu changes as and when you need them.

POS Core main menu screen of buttons laid out for a restaurant
app2table running on a Clover payment device

Table ordering & payment

Our app2table software will run on staff payment devices (PEDs) at the venue to provide a complete handheld order capture and payment solution.

Staff can take orders through the app and then tender payment through the device's card reader.

app2table supports both payment at the end of the visit and payment with order.

Customer ordering app

Our app2table software is also available from the Apple & Google app stores to run on consumer smartphones.

This version of the app allows patrons to place orders and (optionally) pay for meals without staff intervention.

Table orders, delivery and click & collect are all supported.

The app is available as a white-label product which can be custom branded and distributed in the app store as an exclusive app for the venue.

App Store App Store

A screenshot of app2table running on an iPhone

Ingredients & dish costing

With precise ingredients for dishes, cocktails and other menu items, POS Core calculates the exact cost of menu dishes and can report accurately on your margins.

See at a glance how increased cost of ingredients affects margins and make informed decisions on menu pricing accordingly.

Coupled with the predictive ordering feature, the EPOS system can calculate the anticipated quantity of all raw ingredients and order appropriately.

Allergen tracking

Allergens can be set at the dish or ingredient level.

By providing ingredient level allergen information, the EPOS system propagates this to each dish containing those ingredients.

At the point of service, if any intolerances are specified for a customer, the system will guide the user to avoid incompatible dishes.

The system can also produce PPDS compliant ingredient labelling with allergens suitably highlighted.

Allergen setup
A PPDS label produced from POS Core

PPDS labelling

Venues that produce pre-packed food for direct sale (PPDS) are required by law to produce labelling that meets strict criteria on allergens (Natasha's Law).

With ingredient and allergen information set against a product, POS Core produces compliant labelling at the push of a button and without complicated setup or manual intervention.

Kitchen & bar printers

Orders can be routed to remote printers located in the kitchen or bar area.

Staff are alerted with flashing lights and/or a buzzer so that orders are picked up promptly.

A kitchen printer with order receipt

Table planning

With a simple to setup, drag and drop floor plan, see at a glance which tables are occupied and which are available. A simple tap takes you into the table to view the bill and add further items.


Based on the floor plan, the system understands the capacity of your venue and can manage bookings, even advising on next available sitting for a party of a given size at a given time, taking into account other bookings and that tables can be combined for larger parties.

POS Core also supports deposits for venues that take them, subtracting the deposit paid from the bill when settled.


Advanced stock control

Predictive ordering provides for Just-In-Time stock deliveries to minimise stock holding, maximise sales and reduce waste.

When used in conjunction with ingredient level recipes, the EPOS system ensures adequate ingredients for likely sales of all dishes.

Loyalty schemes

A powerful, built in loyalty system provides flexibility in how to build and reward loyalty.

A points based scheme allows customers to earn points for each £ of spend, which can then be redeemed as discount on future purchases.

A reward based scheme provides for free products to be awarded after a qualifying number of purchases (such as a free hot drink after buying 10).

A loyalty scheme logo

Cloud Back Office

Our cloud back office provides access to back office functions through any suitable web browser on any capable device (PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone), anywhere in the world, without the need to install any software on the device itself.

Comprehensive reporting

A comprehensive suite of reports, with the facility to export to PDF or Excel for onward analysis and dashboarding.

Excel dashboard
Account package logos

Accounts package integration

Integration with third party accounts packages ensures compliance with Making Tax Digital rules which require sales figures to be electronically transmitted between systems.

POS Core integrates with Xero and Freeagent account packages.

Complete Scalability

From single restaurant setups to estates comprising multiple venues, our hospitality solutions will grow with your business.

We have a number of multi-site retailers enjoying the benefits of our cloud solution for hospitality.

Scaling your business

Market leading EPOS systems

See how our POS Core solution can benefit your hospitality business.

The UK's leading supplier of EPOS systems to the hospitality sector

The benefits of our POS Core solution
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  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Table ordering via app
  • Allergen management
  • Ingredient level stock control
  • Recipe costing down to the gram / ml
  • Loyalty scheme & bounce-back
  • On-site install, training and maintenance
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A number of unique features make our EPOS systems the smart choice for hospitality

Being such a diverse sector, hospitality venues vary greatly in how they serve guests. With our wealth of experience in the sector we can offer businesses a turnkey solution that suits their needs.

Our solutions offer:

– Broad range of hardware options (tablets, terminals and handheld devices)
- Kitchen & bar printers
- Order-at-counter or order-at-table
- Staff and customer order capture options
– Loyalty schemes
- Ingredient level stock control
- Allergen tracking

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Specialist EPOS systems for hospitality

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