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As part of its move to modernise the tax system, HMRC are introducing a new Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative. This initiative introduces a new requirement for businesses to supply their business records to HMRC using software integrated to the new Making Tax Digital (MTD) gateway. Many businesses use 3rd party accounting software which handles this responsibility, however many others still keep their records in a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel / OpenOffice or legacy accounting software.

TaxMan Filer allows users who keep their business records in any application which can output XLS, XLSX or CSV files to file their VAT return to the HMRC MTD gateway, and fulfil their obligations, without having to migrate to a new accounting platform.

TaxMan Filer also provides a much simplified API that allows advanced users and third party developers to integrate with the HMRC API in a fraction of the time required for a direct integration.

"File your VAT return with the HMRC MTD gateway, direct from your spreadsheet file"
How To

Whether a business owner, admin assistant or accountant, using TaxMan Filer is simple, with a 3 step setup process that’s explained clearly in the manual:

  1. 1 Tell TaxMan Filer where to find your spreadsheet file (note that you’ll have to make sure the VAT figures have the correct descriptions next to them so that the app can find them)
  2. 2Authorise the app with the HMRC website (the app takes you to the site, you just need to login and click to grant authority)
  3. 3When it’s time, click to file your figures!
You only need to perform steps 1 and 2 the once. You’re free to work on your spreadsheet between filings to add invoices, transactions, etc.

"HMRC MTD Filing for Spreadsheet Users & 3rd Party Developers Requiring a Simplified API"
Application Features
  • Desktop installation (the software is installed on your PC - it isn’t cloud based)
  • Simple three step configuration
  • Supports XLS, XLSX and CSV file formats
  • Secure data transfer (we don’t hold any of your data in the cloud or otherwise)
  • Automation / 3rd party integration (ideal for developers who want to minimise the work involved in connecting their software to the HMRC MTD gateway)

For advanced users and developers, TaxMan Filer provides an automation/integration mode that makes filing VAT with the MTD gateway as simple as creating a text file in a pre-selected location on the PC. Simply have you code create this file containing the VAT figures to be filed (and the period they cover) and TaxMan Filer does the rest! Your filing is made and the result / response from the HMRC gateway is returned to you in an output text file which is simple for your own application to process.

TaxMan Filer is ideal for desktop app developers wanting to integrate with the HMRC MTD gateway without the need to install web server software, mess with firewalls or handle OAuth or HTTP comms themselves.

TaxMan Filer can also be embedded into a third-party Java SE application. A very simple API involving a handful of method calls provide simple integration and allow the host application to link/authorise an account with HMRC, request a list of open VAT periods and post a VAT return, without the need to directly integrate with the HMRC MTD gateway.


Single business £95 +VAT
Multi-business £195 +VAT
Developer / API Licence
£495 +VAT
Application Download
(Please ensure you have Java installed)

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